The app to
keep track of your
wine bottles
spray cans
pantry items
art supplies
stamp collection
crochet yarn
vinyl records

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to order with bring.order2chaos 

Our home inventory app helps you to keep track of all your belongings in one convenient place with stunning features, and it works wherever you are – as a mobile and web app.

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It's a simple process to start to

keep track of your stuff

Install the mobile app or use the web app

The app works everywhere; In your web browser, as well as on your Android or iOS devices.

Create the locations in your space

The locations can be nested inside of each other to represent your space as you like it.

Create the custom categories you need

To be able to categorize your belongings, you can sort your items into categories you choose.

Register your items to start tracking them

You can register your items in the created locations, assigning your custom categories.


Track your belongings

Our app allows to track all your valued belongings in a single, convenient place – whereever you are.

Custom locations

Regardless if you want to track every drawer by itself or only room by room – you can model your space exactly as you want! And if you ever change the layout, the items will automatically move with it.

Item name suggestions

When registering an item, you can take a photo or scan a barcode and the app will automatically attempt to suggest keywords for the item's name.

Share inventories

Invite your flatmates or family members to access and maintain the inventories you choose (only one account needs a subscription).

Assign barcodes

Either scan the existing barcode on an item (e.g., a book) or stick your own on there in over 10 different supported formats – all while being optional.


Organize your space

Our app imposes no restrictions on how to organize your items by allowing you to create locations to model your space.

Custom categories

Create just the categories you want to track your items by – be it books, vinyl, wine bottles, or whatever else you own.

Assign barcodes

Barcodes can optionally be assigned to locations as well to make moving items or checking what's on a shelf a breeze.

Infinitely nestable

Create locations inside of other locations to model your space in a hierarchical manner – just like they are.

Moving items

Move items around your locations either by selecting the target location or simply scanning first the item and then the location barcode.


Get started with ease

Our app offers a lot of smart features to make the inventory process of your space as easy as possible.

Built-in data export

In case of an accident or emergency, it can be a life-saver to be have an accurate list of your belongings, for instance to send it to your insurance (subscription required).

Blazing-fast search

Need a specific item for something, with the search and its filters you can figure out the whereabouts in seconds.

Automatic cloud sync

Your inventories are automatically synced via our secure cloud such that you can never lose your data and have it available anywhere.

Available on all platforms

Our app is available as both a native mobile app on iOS and Android as well as a responsive web app for your browser on a larger screen.



  • • 100 items
  • • 10 locations
  • • 10 categories
  • • 10 barcodes
  • • 10 image uploads
  • • 1 inventory
  • • 0 inventory shares


  • • 1000 items
  • • 1000 locations
  • • 1000 categories
  • • 1000 barcodes
  • • 1000 image uploads
  • • 1 inventory
  • • 0 inventory shares
  • • Data export


  • • 10000 items
  • • 10000 locations
  • • 10000 categories
  • • 10000 barcodes
  • • 10000 image uploads
  • • 10 inventories
  • • 10 inventory shares
  • • Data export

Start now

to keep track of your stuff

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take the time to read our FAQs

How much does it cost?

To get started: Nothing. We offer a free tier that you can keep using for as long as you want. However, we recommend taking a look at our affordable subscription options that offer a variety of great features that you will not find in the free tier.

Is there a trial period available for the subscription plans?

No, we do not offer that simply because we have a free tier you can use as long as you like. We believe that this enables you to evaluate our product a lot better than via a free trial.

How does it differ from other similar tools?

There are other tools to create inventories but they are built for business use and thus typically both expensive and hard to use. Our app is geared toward personal use with affordable subscriptions and even a free tier while offering an intuitive, simple user interface. Finally, our app offers a free cloud sync to all your devices, which many others do not!

I am missing a feature! Can you do something about it?

This app is developed by just a single person, thus new features are still added all the time. If you are missing a feature please reach out via the Support page linked at the bottom of this page and we can see what we can do, especially if many users requests the same features!

Does it really work anywhere?

Yes! Our web app is fully responsive and runs in any modern web browser. Additionally, we offer mobile apps that we even recommend as the primary user interface of our service.

I have feedback or a question. Where can I contact you?

Please visit the Support page linked at the bottom of this page to contact us. We are happy to get in touch with you!

How can I subscribe?

After having logged into either the web or the mobile apps, go to "Settings" to either upgrade or modify your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can do so in the web or mobile app depending on where you subscribed originally in the settings. A button labeled "Modify" will also allow you to cancel.

Can I change my subscription plan at any time?

That is indeed possible. You can do so in the web or mobile app depending on where you subscribed originally. A button labeled "Modify" will allow you to do so.

Can I export my data if I wish to not continue my subscription?

We are sad to see you go, but we do not want to hold your valuable data hostage. Therefore, you can always download all your items as a TSV file in settings of the web app.

What happens if I exceed my subscription's storage limits?

You can still use the app just as you like, you will simply not be able to insert more data of the exceeded type anymore until you either upgrade or delete other data.

How often is my inventory data backed up?

We perform automatic daily backups of all the data we store to avoid data loss or corruption as much as possible.

Is my inventory data being shared with third-parties?

No! We do not sell or otherwise share your inventory data with anyone. It's only stored in our secured cloud for no one else to access.